Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Commandments to TV

What would the world be like if we were to just follow the 10 commandments? Could you imagine a world in which we didn’t covet our neighbor’s wife? That would eliminate about 90% of TV. And another 9% would be removed if we lived the part about “Thou shalt not kill.” But what would we do with our time if there wasn’t TV? What if we put our TV shows to the test. There are suppose to be bad guys, so we will let them sin. They can break all of the commandments, since that is what Satan does, we can allow Satan to do the same thing on our TV shows. However, the catch is that the good guys have to follow the commandments. Are there any TV shows out there where the only “bad” material is from the “bad” guys? I won’t mention my two favorite shows, but I am no longer able to watch them, because the “good” guys break most of the commandments, not to mention what the “bad” guys do.

Is this complicated? Of course not? But we sure try to justify ourselves in our sins. We want to watch the TV show, so instead of saying, “this isn’t a good show, I am not going to watch it.” We say, “Well, it isn’t that bad, and the plot is really good, and the graphics are amazing, and I really like the actor and the director.” And worse is, “What else am I going to do? This is the best thing on right now.” How about instead of polluting our minds with the trash, we actually follow the command of loving our neighbor as ourselves and we get out there and serve? We don’t even have to get outside to find someone to serve, we can start with our own families. Aren’t they our neighbors too?